Some Very Nice Things Parents Have Said About Us

"Our son has gone to Jenkin's Preschool for 4 years. Everyday he wakes up he asks if he gets to go to school. He talks about how much he loves his friends and teachers and can not wait to go back and play and learn. Jenkin's Preschool has created a safe and nurturing atmosphere where the staff truly care about each and every child. If you are looking for a "home" for your child to learn how to love school and learning, make new friends, and have teachers that support you as a parent this is the place to go!"
—Drew M. (2022)

Thank you for creating such a welcoming environment for children where learning is fun and playtime is educational as well! All your time and effort is not taken for granted. You have succeeded in owning and teaching in a truly outstanding academy for preschoolers! We look forward to more years at JPA and cannot stress enough how grateful we are for all that you and your staff do to make JPA so wonderful.
—Rebekah (2012)

We could not have chosen a better preschool for our kids. As parents, we appreciate the smaller classroom sizes, individualized attention, and engaging curriculum. Our children enjoy the creativeness of the program. In addition to learning the skills needed for kindergarten, they are being introduced to Spanish, cooking, and body mechanics. You can tell how much they enjoy school when they start letting you know a half hour before school starts that they are ready to go. The creative curriculum assessment is a great tool for the parents and teachers to communicate. It keeps parents informed and involved in their children’s learning. The teachers at JPA are fantastic. All the teachers are approachable, and they take time after class to speak to each parent about something their child did that day. My son, who was quite shy at the start of the year, very quickly took to both his teacher and the assistant. It was an easy transition for him, and I appreciate that. My son has a speech delay so it was important to find a program that would reinforce his therapy and where he would be comfortable. Thanks to the teachers at JPA, his speech has improved, and he is a confident, increasingly outgoing 3 year old. I also have a daughter in the 2 year class. Ms. Alethea recognized that she was ready for school and encouraged me to send her. From the moment she started she never looked back. It has been incredible to watch her grow and learn. She enjoys the challenge of keeping up with what her big brother knows! Thanks for giving me this opportunity to share our JPA experience!
—Heather (2010)

We have been a JPA family since 2015. Our four children have thrived here and have been more than prepared for Kindergarten. The small class sizes have allowed us to really get to know the other families and the highly qualified and very caring teachers. The children are encouraged to learn and explore in ways that are fun and encourage curiosity, utilizing a curriculum that is both exciting and relevant.
—Stephanie (2022)

My daughter has attended Jenkins Preschool Academy since the day the doors opened and she loves it there. I am so happy that I made the decision to send her to this school. Of all the preschools I looked at, nothing even came close to what JPA has to offer my daughter. I absolutely love that the curriculum encompasses all aspects of early childhood development and has provided my daughter with such a great first school experience. Between the cooking, gardening, the Spanish and the free play, the kids spend every minute of their day learning about life and the world around them. People are always so impressed with how well Abigail interacts with kids her age, how good she is at expressing her opinions and feelings. Much of this is due to the loving care of her teachers. The teachers at JPA are devoted to my child’s preschool experience. They are available any time I may need them and willing to answer any questions no matter how insignificant it may seem. They have created a community and family that provide the structure, support and the freedom to allow my child to excel in all she attempts. I truly believe that because of JPA, Abigail will be prepared for anything she encounters in grade school and beyond.
—Beth (2011)

I really had a tough time finding a preschool that I really liked in the Ogden area, until I spoke to the director of JPA. I have an education background and worked in a private school, so I believe I know what to look for in a school. I was impressed with our initial phone conversation, and the feeling has continued throughout the school year. I love that it is a very creative, warm, and inviting environment. My son loved the school immediately, and I loved that there was a strong line of communication between myself and the teachers. It is obvious that they love what they do. I guess you could say that I took a chance trying a new school, but I never doubted that it was the right decision. I highly recommend this school!
—Sarah (2008)